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Single Facility Practices

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Launching a Private Medical Practice

SBCPH is a particular kind of business and office. So are the physicians that are looking to boot up a private practice for the first time. We understand that the matchmaking process in the free market between physicians and BPM service providers such as SBCPH is a lot like dating— “good fits” aren’t easy to find, and not everyone will be compatible with each other.

When we launch private practices, SBCPH acts as a business partner in every sense of the word. There are long business planning discussions. There are discussions on ultimate outcome-scenarios (vision statement). Ultimately, we come to an agreed-on business plan, with full transparency on finances, responsibilities, etc.


Incorporation in the States is rather regimented; the basics are almost algorithmic, and indeed, there are registration and form-filling services such as LegalZoom that help automate the completion of the forms required to get an incorporation off the ground.

But ultimately, as your practice evolves— especially during those first few years in practice— “custom code” will inevitably be required about the Articles of Incorporation of your organization.

Business Administration and Management

Matters of hunting for staff and commercial space to set up your particular private practice can easily become the barrier to entry that finally sets you back. There are certainly brokers and consultants that can help— piecemeal— with this (you can easily track these professionals down on LinkedIn), but our roster of specialists that focus solely on doing this sort of thing, day in day out, will have a liaison— SBCPH— that can best communicate our shared requirement for a space or for staff, resulting in an optimal match.

  • Commercial Lease
  • HR & Payroll
  • Healthcare & Medical IT

Medical Billing

Together, we decide on which billing system is the best to move forward with, taking into consideration the business plans we plan to pursue.


Through and through, the relationship with our partners is indeed a partnership—a strategic business partnership in every sense of the word; with our interests and motives aligned. With our partner-physicians, we’ve established arrangements that fall into the revenue sharing category, while others, SBCPH offers a per service fee or per project fee. Ultimately, however, SBCPH favors real, sustainable, long-term business partnerships that have the greatest social impact. We believe in investing in these partnerships and relationships.


Physicians who trust their own problem-solving abilities more than they value the experience of others are setting themselves up for disappointment. The complexities of medical practice ownership are far beyond the days when the new doctor could simply put out his shingle. Test and refine your assumptions on paper (or Excel spreadsheets) before risking real money.
— The Hekman Group