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Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare finance.

Experience & Expertise

SBCPH has over 25 years of experience in revenue cycle management (RCM). Our business centers are partnered with the largest RCM technology providers in the industry. 

SBCPH is a prominent member of the RCM community (see abbreviated list of partners and affiliations). SBCPH's RCM Team Members include prominent voices in the community that help shape policy. SBCPH invests in and contributes to the RCM community in order to: 

  • Keep current on best practices in revenue cycle management
  • Comply with new regulations and compliance statutes 
  • Adopt new technology accordingly 

Relevant Certifications

Relevant Articles

Our RCM teams recall the days in the 1990s when GE Healthcare CPS was “Millbrook”—an independent billing solution provider based in Washington. That’s the kind of depth and institutional memory and context that our RCM team members bring to today’s RCM challenges.
— Joe Maristela / Chairman of the Board / SBCPH, Inc.