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Our office is entertaining partnering with more pediatric practices and pediatricians wishing to open their own practice.

Other BPM offices are fundamentally outsourcing outfits, and they offer outsource services a la carte: outsource your medical billing; outsource your phone calls— Pay to play; pay per “menu item’s” metric: with medical billing, a professional fee in the way of a percentage is invoiced to your practice. Outsource phone calls, and you pay per call, per person, per hour of coverage, etc.

We’re different. We explicitly align our interests with our partners’. We set up the terms of our partnership such that, we only win when our partners win. A typical JV (joint venture) arrangement might share equitably in revenues and profits. Whatever the arrangement, it’s a special one; it’s one that is crafted from the ground up and is personalized to our specific situation.

What SBCPH Can Offer

Our leadership and many in our practice management teams have personal experiences with the private medical practice business. Some of us our have at one point or another been in private practice. Many of us have relatives that are current SBCPH partners. We understand that medicine is all-consuming as it is, without having to worry about commercial leases, vaccine inventory, setting up and administering electronic health records systems—the list is extensive, as you must know.

We’re looking for pediatricians that want to establish a new practice or grow an existing practice, but want to focus explicitly and almost exclusively on the medicine and care alone. The pediatricians that we target are often still engaged in academia and research in some fashion; they’re often in and out of publishing research—and deliberately curating a portfolio of work that speaks to the physician’s expertise. And our office—through efficient and productive, intelligent systems—supports our partner physicians in this regard.

Relevant competencies include:  

  • Credentialing with payers
  • Installing and maintaining electronic medical record systems
  • Vaccine ordering and inventory management
  • VFC (Vaccines for Children program) credentialing and compliance
  • County and State health plan credentialing and compliance
  • Commercial leases; private practice office buildout
  • Private practice staffing and remote staffing
  • Website media and social media that assists the practice in interfacing with the physician’s community and patient base