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Patient Support Services

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Patient Support Services


  • Ensure that patients keep on track with treatment plans.
  • Match patients to their physician's availability. 
  • Ensure patients are prepared for their visits— e.g. bringing with them prescription packages, prescription glasses, has seen the specialist (in some cases). 
  • Appropriate technology assists where, when necessary— e.g. SMS/email reminders, access to clinic calendar for self-scheduling. 


Healthcare Advisor Teams

Healthcare Advisors 

  • Clinical capabilities— Medically trained physicians and nurses.
  • Certified coders and billers.
  • Certified systems administrators.
  • 24-hour coverage and operation, 7 days a week, including holidays. 
  • Multilingual: English, Spanish, Tagalog, Chinese. 
  • Executive administrative, administrative assistant capabilities.



  • Online scheduling— Let patients book online, as well as manage reschedule- and cancellation-requests electronically to cut down on time spent on the phone. 
  • Recurring appointment management— i.e. for chronic conditions. 
  • Mobile app. 
  • Paperless intake processes, forms, procedures. 
  • Automatic elgibility— Results of which can be pushed out to the patient. 



  • When to schedule more complex visits. 
  • Triage protocols, assisted by scheduling technologies. 
  • Information flow analysis.
  • Organizational efficiency and productivity analysis. 

Treatment Compliance

  • The best way to curb non-compliance is by educating. Healthcare advisors spend the bulk of their hours with patients educating—explaining the clinical and medical rationales for prescribed treatments, practice clinical and medical protocols, and even Medical Association and Government guidances. 
  • Immunization and vaccination schedules. 
  • Chronic condition treatment plans. 

Healthcare Finance Advice

  • Advise and educate patients on available resources: public health plan eligibility, supplemental health insurance, affordable commercial and private coverage, temporary coverage. 
  • Healthcare savings and investment accounts. 

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