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Mission & Vision

Our mission is not to grow our workforce. The number of “seats” in our office isn’t a measure of our success. Success is measured by achieved, realized— higher and higher— productivity and efficiency. We accomplish this by hiring the best in class (quality) workforce—not the most. We accomplish this by investing in technology.

This is the management paradigm that we’ve found to concomitantly manage the relationships with our partners and clients: When we incessantly work on increasing our processes’ and operations’ productivity and efficiency quotients, we create more value for our office and we become that much more indispensable in our markets and communities.

We’re shaping a world in which we— and our partners and clients— have eliminated rote, remedial, repetitive, inefficient, unproductive processes (formally relegated to human hands). We envision a world in which the bulk of our time and effort is spent on higher cognitive activities: analysis, critical thinking, problem solving, theorizing and conceptualizing. Higher-level cognitive activities are what the human mind and body were evolved to engage in— not repetitive, inefficient, assembly line manual labor.


Valuing the mind, body, and spirit.

The mind, body, and spirit make for a hyper-complex— even mysterious— system. This system must be cared for appropriately— in a fashion commensurate to its potential— , and we do so on many levels:

  • Inter-personal and cultural;
  • At the environmental level (corporate campus; greater community);
  • Psychological— beyond cultural, socializing: the “information diet” that we choose for ourselves.

Operational productivity.

A subset of our focus on higher and higher productivity is a focus on increasing accuracy and precision. For example, when increasing a partner-operation’s financial accuracy and precision by one decimal place [well beyond the requirement of regulation], we saw an increase in productivity-capacity in our operational model by 3-fold.