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Medical Billing

Premier Pracitce Mangement Partner.

Free Exploratory Consultation

  • What sort of partnership structure is appropriate for your practice at this time? 
  • Timing is key, and the age of your practice is a significant consideration. 
  • The size of your practice: number of employees, patient visits per day/week/month, practice's office/operating hours. 
  • The practice's goals and targets. Is business growth concern? Is the practice exploring alternative business models, such as 


  • Credentialing, Contract-Negotiation
  • On-Demand, Real-time Reporting
  • Trained, Certified Medical Coders

Efficiency-Productivity Focus

  • Use and development of custom software to automate and help eliminate human error.
  • Analytics: Constant contact with payers; Constant monitoring of payer reimbursement behavior. 

Empowering Private Practices

  • Evidenced-based conclusions and insights regarding practice's revenue cycle management policies and procedures. 
  • Executive periodical reports to the practice's leadership and owners.