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Joe Maristela III, CEO

Joe Maristela III is the founder and CEO of SBCPH, Inc. Maristela’d founded SBCPH while in graduate school in Portland, Oregon. Maristela holds degrees in economics, literary criticism, the health and medical sciences, and systems science. Among his alma mater: Santa Clara University, UC San Francisco, and Portland State University.

Joe Maristela has worked in practice management and revenue cycle management since the 1990s. He began in the industry in the San Francisco Bay Area, setting up Apple Talk networks for clinics and hospitals—as a consultant, and while only in high school at the time.

His family has been in healthcare in the U.S. since the 1970s; family businesses in the healthcare space include real estate development and property management for healthcare and medical operations and organizations; staffing; private practice management; healthcare IT services and solutions; and medical billing.

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Jose Co Maristela Jr, Chairman of the Board

Jose Co Maristela Jr is chairman of the board of SBCPH, Inc. A licensed engineer and a retiree from Pacific Bell Telephone Company (retired in 1993), he is an active independent investor in Silicon Valley, and real estate developer. Maristela has acted as chairman of the board of SBCPH since its founding in the Philippines in 2009. Maristela brings with him 30 years of C-level corporate leadership experience to SBCPH and an expertise in telephony, digital telephony, and infrastructural (backbone) technologies.

Mario Soriano, Board Director

Mario Soriano is a member of the board of directors and has a long, distinguished track record in finance and accounting. Soriano and Jose Co Maristela Jr were classmates at San Beda College. Soriano heads many alumni committees for San Beda, and is still very much an active businessman, well recognized in the finance and accounting community.

Ofelia Maristela, Board Director

Ofelia Maristela is a member of the board of the directors and leads many of the medical and healthcare committees at SBCPH, along with her son and SBCPH’s CEO, Joe Maristela III. Ofelia Maristela graduated with a medical doctorate from the University of Santo Tomas (UST), in the 1970s, and has been in private practice in the United States (San Francisco, CA), since 1979. She’s a member of numerous academic, scientific societies and association, including the Philippine Medical Society (USA), and the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics).