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Back in 2008, Star Business Centers PH booted up in Manila—having been a “transplanted version” of an operation from Portland, Oregon (USA); this operation almost exclusively serviced healthcare and medical facilities on the West Coast in the States.

Today, we’re a totally different network of Business Centers, and we now cater to startup companies in Silicon Valley, global financial institutions, and businesses totally unrelated to healthcare and our origins as a business process management outfit. 



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Health and medical business processes used to make up the bulk of Star Business’s business—but we’ve since diversified our client-partner base and have gone into a wide variety of businesses. That said, our company’s founders, and our network of professionals have over 30 years of experience in this wide industry. From staffing and manpower, to software development, to revenue cycle management, SBCPH is engaged in a multitude of health and medical endeavors with a wide variety of clients ranging in size and nature. 


SBCPH has been able to assist startups get off the ground. By partnering with us, startups are able to focus on more pressing, singular matters—without having to get bogged down by mere generic matters, such as processing payroll, managing simple Facebook advertising campaigns, etc.

Beyond contracting out generic business processes, startups have sought our services for specific projects as well: product prototyping (e.g. software, 3D printed models); short- to longer-term customer support teams; we’ve even assisted startups with developing their original products and services. You’d be surprised, but what many clever startups usually market as an automated, clever, clean and simple interface-solution to a very common problem—these often begin as very manual processes, “behind the scenes,” but eventually evolve into the technologies they present themselves to be on their frontend. 

Joint Ventures & Subsidiaries 

Often times, joint ventures (JVs) and subsidiaries must be incorporated in order to accomplish what our clients and partners require. In the past, clients and partners have required corporations and entities to be established in the Philippines, India, and elsewhere in order to satisfy the operational demands of their business. Star Business Centers has established Centers throughout the ASEAN region and beyond, and might very well be the most appropriate route for your business. 


Star Business Centers PH has an excellent team of accountants on staff, which are widely versed in American and British accounting practices, as well as in standards such as GAAP. Our clients and partners range from small family businesses and shops to large multinational enterprises. SBCPH can launch Business Centers of varying scales and sizes to address and adapt to client-partner requirements. 

Managed Services

Whether you’re a startup that merely needs some assistance in manning the hello@ inbox, or you’re a blue chip multinational that requires a seasoned team of sales professionals that have a deep understanding of Salesforce platforms, Star Business Centers PH has assisted a wide variety of businesses. Our clients and partners, in the past, have required us to manage Amazon Web Services for them; we’ve had to manage GE Healthcare systems such as Centricity; Google Apps; support chat platforms; customer support platforms such as Zendesk—we not only manage services in those cases, but we staff and man the services too. 


Clinical provider groups, ranging from sole proprietorship single physician medical practices, all the way up to networks of hospitals along the West Coast in the US have required some sort of process management support from Star Business Centers PH. We’ve provided Business Centers staffed with registered nurses and medical doctors—clinicians of a wide variety—in order to assist in the day-to-day clinical operations of their businesses. These tasks might include initial and preliminary patient interviewing over the phone or over the Internet; they might involve reviewing prescriptions and passing this information along to pharmacies. SBCPH has engaged with clinical and medical organizations all the way up to the point that physical patient contact is necessary—in many cases developing a deeper rapport with patients than the clinicians “on the ground.” 


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Let’s get in touch! You might be a startup that needs to launch a sales force of 20 seasoned customer-focused experts next week. You might be a private medical practice with multiple sites across multiple states in the U.S. Whatever part of your business that you need a credible partner to handle for you today and now, while you focus on more immediate concerns, SBCPH can help: whether we service or engage in business directly—or we refer out to our wide network of other BPM partners throughout the world. 

For job opportunities, please email us your resume at We’re always looking for new and exceptional talent to lead our Business Centers into uncharted fields and to higher levels of success and excellence.

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