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Engagement Considerations

Legal Structure 

  • Purchase order, invoicing relationship
  • Joint-venture
  • Multinational, corporate subsidiary


  • Revenue sharing 
  • Expense- and cost-forwarding

People / Culture-fit

Worldly, Dynamic Team Members

  • Multilingual
  • Educated
  • Tech Savvy 

Values (+Obsessions)

  • Efficiency 
  • Productivity 
  • Problem-solving 
SBCPH, Inc. - Collaboration technologies and systems. Video conferencing.


  • Gigabit, redundant broadband equipped spaces/teams.
  • Video-conferencing, screen-sharing.

Business Center Specifications

Space Considerations 

  • Location— [security] May be a state of the art building, but located in the middle of an as-yet gentrified slum-area. [accessibility] Considering street traffic and public transportation, is this location accessible to all team members? What are the third-, fourth-degree consequences to these commuting costs? Is the location good for receiving prospective customers? 
  • Area— How much space is actually needed? We cannot go by a simple per-person to square-meter arithmetical relationship. Some projects requirement more "leg room." Designers tend to require more space. Customer service, "heavy desk users" tend to require less. More is not necessarily better or more/most appropriate. 
  • Security— [technology] How is the building, premises oriented? Where are the exits and entrances to the proposed, prospective office and workspace? Can this space be secured, and to what extent? 
  • Costs— Association dues? "Plus-plus" line items, on top of the base-lease? All are considered, collated, and presented to our partners and clients. The onus is on SBCPH to present the best options and paths to partners and clients, based on best-information, largest data-pools.


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Recent Case-Applications

Business Center for Multi-facility Medical Practice in the U.S.


  • Multi-facility private practice in the State of Oregon. 
  • 20+ primary care physicians (pediatrics, family medicine, internal medicine, geriatrics).
  • Practice established 1978.


Trimming the fat— As a part of a greater plan to "trim the fat" in red tape procedures, policies, and systems (technology—e.g. redundant, multiple task management systems), asked the following questions:

  • Is the establishment of an office external to the existing legacy organization necessary and why? 
  • What is the legacy organization's core competencies and/versus its priorities? 
  • Are there any processes and workloads that are candidates for the proposed external office (SBCPH) that can be automated and left within the legacy organization's jurisdiction? Have any of these candidate processes and workloads ever been considered unnecessary? 

Designing the external office [considerations]— From fiscal considerations to the logistical, we asked: 

  • Economically, how valuable are these processes that are being proposed to be delegated out to the external office (SBCPH)? What is the weight of these processes' and workloads' contributions to the legacy organization's bottom line? This will help determine an appropriate capitalization limitation—a maximum spend-amount. 

Business Center for Growing Startup Company in Silicon Valley

SBCPH, Inc. - Startup Team, Augmented Workforce for Startup Businesses.


  • 2-year old fintech startup company based in Silicon Valley.
  • 5 employees, 2 of which are founders and executives (Founder-CEO, Founder-CFO).

After a corporate, Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm capitalized the startup business at a "demanding" valuation (post-seed but pre-growth capitalization), the startup's pioneer-team realized that they lacked the wherewithal to: 

  • Adequately manage human resources for a sales and support team for recently launched consumer-facing products and services (previously exclusively B2B, but "tweaked" toward B2C)— payroll, training, performance incentive programs. 
  • Launch teams as needed (on-demand). Software development teams needed to be onboarded (then exited) for specific projects with determinate specifications: milestones, production iteration "ship dates," executing on consequences to failing to meet deadlines and milestones. Teams were scaled up, shuttered, and repurposed as was deemed appropriate and an efficient use of resources.  


  • We—SBCPH and the client-partner—achieved sought milestones on product iteration and met all targets set forth by investors. 
  • Secured growth funding to further business—scale out / Series A funding. 

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