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About SBCPH, Inc.

Data & Science Driven BPM

SBCPH, Inc. - Data & Science-driven BPM

SBCPH is a uniquely data and science driven business process management (BPM) services company. Our office’s market is primarily in the United States, serving offices there for 10 years.

SBCPH’s flagship service suite is tailored toward healthcare and clinical operations. Our teams that support this suite of services are primarily clinicians—local, Filipino physicians, nurses, and other health and medical professionals and specialists.


SBCPH has operations and main offices in Metro Manila in the Philippines, with client services and other satellite offices in California and Oregon in the United States.

Our offices are duly registered and incorporated businesses in the United States and the Philippines.

Productivity & Efficiency

Unlike other BPM offices in the Philippines, SBCPH invests in technology that aims to leverage manpower. Our office doesn’t consider the size of our workforce as a measure of success. Pure productivity and efficiency quotients are better measures of success and ensure our interests are aligned with our partners and clients.